meet executive chef ryan wabeke


It was with great pride that we announce Chef Ryan Wabeke’s promotion to Executive Chef of Ando Sushi + Bar.

Ryan has been with Maru Hospitality Group for 6 years, and has worked at 5 of our locations. He was instrumental in opening the kitchens at Maru Grand Rapids, Midland, Detroit, Kalamazoo and Ando.

Ryan attended Michigan State University and joined Maru Hospitality Group after gaining valuable experience working in the culinary industry in California. He has a passion for doing things right, a mind for numbers and takes initiative to get the job done.   We are excited to be a part of his journey and look forward to his future here at MHG.

We asked Ryan a few questions about his role and time spent as a chef, and this is what he had to say. 

Q: What is it that you love the most about being a chef at Maru Hospitality Group?

What I love most about being a chef at MHG is the opportunity to lead an incredibly diverse group of individuals towards a common goal. When a crazy busy night goes by and we strive through it with no issues, that is a great feeling!

Q: What is the most important quality/mentality a chef has to have?

Adaptability. In restaurants, thing can change on a dime without warning and being able to anticipate and adapt to change helps out a ton!

Q: What is your philosophy on food?

Approachable food that balances flavor and texture on the plate. Great food does not need to be complicated. Having a cohesive menu with some ingredients that are shared helps keep everything fresh as well!! I focus on food that caters to hopefully a wide audience.

Q: What is your favorite thing to eat at at either Maru or Ando?

My favorite thing to eat in the Maru Universe is the Bulgogi Beef at Ando. Knowing the process of how we make it at Ando, the time spent making it, and the finished product on the plate really makes it for me. I'm a meat and potato guy at heart, so a big portion of freshly marinated and grilled beef is right up my alley!

Be sure to stop in to Ando to try a signature dish by Chef Ryan- no doubt you'll be able to taste that extra bit of love he ensures is put in every dish.

Shelby Robinson